Android O is on its way to the market this year with its beta versions already released. Besides the Android O release, you might have heard of the Android Go which is basically designed for the smartphones and tablets with lower end hardware specifications. But those who are looking deep into the matter, know that Android is becoming slightly more assistive and proactive which somehow feels like a bit of possessive behavior sometimes. This calls for a need of such a version of Android which is superior to the current one and is purpose-built for professionals. Some forums state it as “Android Pro.

pic 253 A Professional version of Android is the demand of many   Android Pro should have a more straightforward approach

Is Android Pro Justified?

Well, according to a large number of Android users, the company aims to capture the smartphone market where “Automation” is the motive. Google Assistant is a live example of such behavior which makes every android user more dependent on the OS.

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With the ever increasing proactive measures, Android sometimes feels like that coffee seller who asks so many questions regarding your taste while all you want is just a cup of coffee. This example may sound weird to you but this is the sad reality. Android has even made using Google Photos so much difficult that upon opening it, a message asking about creating a backup to your photos is always waiting there. These functionalities may sound great for a naive user but obviously, everybody doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. There are many other examples including Google Maps and some other apps that Android has overloaded and now all we want is the older version again where we could easily do what we intended to do instead of getting confused between a number of options given to us.

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pic 43 A Professional version of Android is the demand of many   Android Pro should have a more straightforward approach

How Should Android Pro Look Like?

Android Pro is a concept OS which should outline the needs of the professional users. Now a professional user doesn’t necessarily mean a developer or a person who is directly involved with IT. Rather it means those people who understand this technology and don’t want any extra mess around the screen of their smartphone. For example, if a person wants to access Google Search, there is no need to show him related stories based on assumptions of the users liking. Similarly, other inbuilt apps and the UI should be more like a straightforward one instead of making it complex.