Software giant Microsoft is evolving in hardware. The Companies latest introduction Surface laptops hits the hardware market but the giant company not limit the innovation in hardware from it as they recently release a new look Surface arc mouse – quite different from that of traditional mouse.

dsc00913 1 A Companion For Surface Laptops Has Been Released; Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse Is Quite Different From Traditional Mouse

The mouse is the new version of their surface arc mouse series, it quite similar in shape with its predecessor but it does not contain a distinguishable left and right mouse button. You can get it from company’s store (Microsoft Store) for on $80 USD.

The mouse is wireless, so in order to make it run, users just have to snap it in to a curved shape and after finishing the task snap again to flat position to power off the mouse. As I told you before that It comes with plane surface pane which contain left and right button and full scroll acne just like the mouse pad of Mac pro.

Some other Features and Specs described are;

  • It uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity
  • 2.4GHz wireless frequency range
  • its weighs about 2.91 ounces (82.49 grams) including batteries
  • Battery used is 2 AAA Alkaline battery
  • Battery life ranges up to 2 to 9 months
  • with one year of limited hardware warranty
  • Can be compatible for Windows 10/8/8.1 and other which support bluetooth 4.0
  • Dimensions are 131 mm x 55 mm x 14 mm
  • Available in three attractive colours; Burgundy, Light Grey and Cobalt Blue


That’s all from me, read more details at Microsoft official website. And don’t forget to share your comments with us in the comment box below.

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Sources: Microsoft and engadget