Passively cooled GPU were a thing back in the days. It was not a good way of cooling back then as well. Because cards back then used a lot of power resulting in excess amount of heat being produced. Which was not easy for passively cooled cards, to dissipate at that time. Even though it was not such a good idea,still companies like BFG implemented it on their cards along with some other manufacturers as well.

Palit just launched a passively cooled GTX 1050 Ti, which makes a lot of sense with the newer generation of cards as they barely require any power and produce much less heat compared to the older cards. The passively cooled GTX 1050 Ti from Palit uses a very large heat sink made up of aluminum connected via heat pipes to the GPU. The only downside about the card is its huge heat sink which requires more than average amount of clearance inside the case.

The passively cooled GTX 1050 TI has 4GB of VRAM with a core clock of 1290 MHZ and a boost clock of 1392 MHz while only consuming 72W of power on load. When it comes to connectors the passively cooled GTX 1050 Ti is equipped with a DVI-D and an HDMI port.

The Price on the card is still not shown by Palit but it should be near around the MSRP of the card which is around $139. Third party manufacturers have different ways to distinguish their cards from the rest. Some come up with beefy coolers while others come up with water cooling their cards, whereas Palit went for cooling the card with a big heat sink.

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It has its advantages and disadvantages as well when It comes to passively cooling a video card. The advantage being that there won’t be any fan noise coming from the GPU as the card is being passively cooled. The card will also maintain its temperature at load. But if you are someone who likes to overclock their cards to get some extra performance out of it. We won’t recommend this card, because of the absence of any fan on the heat sink to dissipate heat.

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