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A 67 years old Liang Weiming dies from Heart Attack after catching an extremely rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go

There’s no better way to die than to go out doing what you love.  It appears as if one Sixty Seven years old in Singapore may have done just that. Liang Weiming from Singapore was Hunting Pokemon’s and when he stumbled upon a rare Pokemon known as “Lapras”. He was able to catch it but shortly after he suffered a fatal heart attack. Although people seem to think the man died because he caught the Pokemon. It was reported that he had a history of Cardiac Issues.

Liang was out for the dinner with his wife and other family member to celebrate a birthday. Shortly after he went out for a stroll to catch the Pokemon.

A statement released by the Singapore Civil Defense Force said a Liang was transported to the Singapore general Hospital at 5:30 PM. Around 6:00 PM Liang wife received a call from the hospital.

REPORT – 67-year-old man dies from heart attack after catching prized Pokemon ‘Lapras’ at MBS https://t.co/2NLpqx4jFO pic.twitter.com/PC9DPH1gZ0

— GoNintendoTweet (@GoNintendoTweet) March 2, 2017

She told AsiaOne that they refer it to the medical staff, told us that comes to him one last time. At that moment I knew that things are bad. According to his wife Liang was a very serious Pokemon player and would regularly go to the area where he caught “Lapras” in hopes of catching new Pokemon.

Reports claimed that Liang had captured over 200 kind of Pokemon and was a player level of 28. Since Pokemon Go atleast back in July 2016, it has remained the headlines.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first death that has happened to the Pokemon. Although as mentioned before there is no direct link between the men passing and the game. Yes he caught a rare Pokemon moments before the heart attack but when Liang wife got the call she had a feeling that her husband had suffered a heart attack.

As always my condolences and thoughts to the those who are affected by this tragedy. Feel free to drop us a comment below and let me know if you are still playing Pokemon Go. Personally I haven’t played when it came out I wasn’t just into it. But tons of my friends played not sure if they still do.

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