Apparently a top hacker-hunter found involved in very serious cyber crime while at the largest of Russian cybersecurity facility is under arrest. Identified as Ruslan Stoyanov, the hacker-hunter belongs to the firm and in fact happens to be one of the organization’s key cyber crime investigators, reports Russian Kommersant newspaper Wednesday.

Kaspersky Lab Treason At Russian Cybersecurity Kaspersky Lab; Hacker hunter Held
Facing the treason charges, Ruslan was actually taken into the custody last year, in December, the Kaspersky Lab tells the Associated Press, adding ‘he used to be computer incidents investigations unit head.

Kaspersky Lab confirmed to the Associated Press that Ruslan Stoyanov, head of its computer incidents investigations unit, was arrested in December and he was not the only one caught. One of the senior officers from the Russian FSB intelligence named Sergei Mikhailov was also involved in the treason, reports the paper adding, “serving as information security department’s ‘Deputy Head,’Mikhailov was equally responsible for hacking at the FSB, the Russian National Security Service.”

Russian Map Treason At Russian Cybersecurity Kaspersky Lab; Hacker hunter Held

It is further reported that a certain amount of funds was allegedly received by Ruslan Stoyanov while from (various) foreign companies, allege the investigators, who are now examining the matter as well the money involved therein.

Kommersant further revealed and ascertained that the case filed against the two is under country’s criminal code’s article 275; allowing the host government to run prosecution procedure(s) against an ‘individual, suspected of helping or aiding’ any foreign state or organization.

Two things/issues remain unclear yet:

1) Is the Kaspersky Lab involved or not?
2) Is there any connection between the recent charges and the US accusation (regarding their interference/involvement in the recent US presidential election)the Russian government faced lately ?

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On the other hand, Stoyanov seems to be in deep trouble since his employment history is being investigated, even prior to the period he joined he Kaspersky Lab.