Like playing puzzles? If you do, here is one for everyone offered by Google’s own workers and developers. This puzzle however, will not make you win any prize(s) or reward(s) but will simply result in bringing out what; the proposed venue and dates of Google’s  I/O 2017.

Yeah that’s true. This is certainly not their traditional manner for Google to make any announcement so to make us all guess about the 2017 Google I/O dates and venue, unofficially, their developers adopted an interesting method.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Nice Effort: Solve A Puzzle to Know Venue & Dates for 2017 I/O

On the Twitter account of both Firebase and Google Developers of Google, a link was posted recently, taking the public to a set of small puzzles to work out, do some thinking and eventually; find out the scheduled dates for this year’s annual event.

By the time of this writing, almost the entire world must have already known about both the venue for the I/O 2017 and the dates i.e venue, once again will be Shoreline Amphitheatre while dates finalized are 17, 18, and 19. However, in the aforementioned unofficial comic kind of manner,

the company workers really enjoyed their effort by engaging public in solving their puzzle. The ones who succeeded in solving it, they got they  eventually got the ‘hidden’ information right.

Shoreline Amphitheatre outer view Nice Effort: Solve A Puzzle to Know Venue & Dates for 2017 I/O

So we are clear about the dates and the venue now but what none of us knows is Google’s announcements at the time of this year’s event whether what Google plans to offer to its potential customers in days to come…


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