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8 Hottest future Trends for the year ahead

8 Hottest future Trends for the year ahead

Toady Techstunt would like to reveal the hottest trend for 2017.

  1. Virtual realities:
    It has become a household term although it is still not ubiquitous. This year you’ll see VR launched into the mainstream with everything from the recycled VR’s to happy meal goggles and cereal box technology.

2. Analog Divergence: 

In a digital world it’s more extreme to go analogs and high-tech. Surprisingly social city billboards loading ads and the road trip campaigns are all rebelling against the online world with elaborate stunts and clever uses of previously antiquated mediums.

3. Communal living:

Beyond the concept of having a roommate communal living involved short term apartment services, shared work environment, urban co-living (all-in-one housing services). That are much more line with today’s uber culture.

4. Sponsorship Gaming:

With Pokémon Go getting 500 million downloads in 4 months, friends are finally moving into the power of gaming. Even friends outside of the industry are tapping into the power gamification and micro influencers by joining the joystick revolution.

5. Branded Education:

With branded documentaries, virtual reality factory tours and community-driven tours, Brands have involved a new era of educating their customers. Creating a bigger connection to their values and ultimately creating a sense of grand purpose.

6. Instagrammable Fitness:

Fitness industry is more lucrative than ever, the average person still isn’t getting enough exercise but with contemporary gyms loading fitness studios and even library boxing hybrids businesses is going viral. Tapping into our need to have Instagram worthy personal brands.

7. Shoppable Media:

Snapchat shopping, shopping music videos and virtual reality malls creating purchasing occasions by lining to where already are with what they are already doing for entertainment. This organic and intrusive method capture the attention of the generation often referred to as walking ad.

8. Designer Customization:

With so many brands saying so many different things. Consumers are getting sick of consumption, creating more personal tie branded customization’s actually get consumer attention. We have seen everything from do yourself Handbag Kiosk to luxury custom embroideries allow brand to strengthen their consumer time.


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