List of 5 Most Desired Characters in the Next Mario Kart Franchise on the Nintendo Switch:

The Launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo on 28 of April 2017 is going to mark almost three years as the game originally launched on Wii U. This is going to be the definitive edition of Mario Kart 8 for the company’s credit, but in the world of gaming expectations were a bit high from Nintendo Console.

First thing that catches the attention is the list of new characters which were never featured in the Mario Kart game. So this means that some favorites such as Diddy Kong and Petey Piranha which are missing in action are not in the characters list that is being featured. Well Lets take a look at some of the playable characters for the upcoming Mario Kart.

Professor E. Gadd

454px Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork   Luigis Mansion Dark Moon 5 New Characters Players Need in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

Cooky Professor has been the new character desired for Mario Kart Game because  he had his debut in Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Game cube. As we all know that in mad scientist inventions like the Poltergust have already been introduced in the Mario Kart, Now its time for Professor E. Gadd have products of his own design.


maxresdefault 21 5 New Characters Players Need in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

Lets foreword with the fact that Plessie is the massive ride-able character from Super Mario 3D World. Plessie has the ample room on its back for characters to hop on and slide down together, but the size of Mario fluctuate. It is possible if developers can make a tiny cart on the back of Plessie so that King Koopas can fit in that cart. Besides that there is nothing wrong having another playable dinosaur to accompany Yoshi.

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Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud 5 New Characters Players Need in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

Fox can be a bit a selfish choice as its surname but this Character has  got plenty of applicable experience and can make its place in the character list. This character has mark its place in  speeding, dodging various missiles, and firing off a few of his own to boot.

This character can be a natural kart racer and can take place in the Mario Kart.


download 31 5 New Characters Players Need in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

Mario & Luigi RPG series, Fawful is the character which has quickly become a favorite villain from the Kingdom of Mushroom. But failed to establish its place outside the particular line of games.

This character can make its place and capture the audience with its evil appearance. Specially his cackling can be made a competitive taunt that gives death stare run.

Paper Mario

images 3 5 New Characters Players Need in Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

There has been an argument on keeping this Paper Mario out of the Mario Kart, because it can be added in the racing series. Keeping that aside that this character is made with the literal paper, This character has been seen driving a kart in Paper Mario. There is a chance that this character can also take place with the other versions of Mario as a plumber  in Mario Kart.

Which new Character you want to see in the upcoming Mario Kart? Is there any other Character which can take place in the Upcoming Game? Get us in the Comments below.