Hidden features

Like Apple is one of the best leading company in all over the world so their inventions are very popular in the market because they are all about their customers and they always tried to give better services to their customers similarly no it is reported that Mac is now come up with a new hidden features in it . Many sites reported some features online.

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Here are the features which is listed below

Keyboard shortcuts:

What’s not so special about the shortcuts – especially the long list which given to your mac you can see. The system’s keyboard shortcuts with well learning about Mac. Take a cheat  sheet in hands and (from https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236) if you want to improve productivity of your performance (and also make you genius in front of the people when you working on it).Even you can create your own keyboards shortcuts. But Let me make that sure that not all the list that is shown in toll bar over there but many few of them can create.

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No matters you are an average Joe who is eating to put a password to protect encrypted files. Or executive officer of a major business who is looking to the epitome of security for a special project which CEO wants to do, Mac has you covered. You can easily protect your file and data and this act will put a extra protection on your normal protection on data.If you put enable “FileVault”, when you put your Mac shutdown, the drive will automatically encrypted and secured from any thing. Using “FileVault” is just one of the many security options which is offered by Mac to protect your data and files.

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Not Your Average Dashboard

The Mac’s dashboard has its fans and detractors. The Mac dashboard is wealthy dashboard which really help it while the performance. You can download a verity of cool widgets to make it attractive and efficient , get a reminder of special events or appointments, or find out your MAC’s memory stats, let yourself know about the weather and more, all at your fingertips.


Proofreading is a also a hidden tool that if you are not getting something so Mac can speak to you while you doing some work or you are having some problem and you need some help to fix that problem on your Mac. It is very simple to detect then. To proofread (or proof hear) a piece of text, simply select it, right-click, then click on ‘Speech’ and then click on ‘Start Speaking’ you’ll get the proofreading.


On your Mac there is notification icon at to right of your laptop by which you can see your notifications so you can easily decide at what notification you have to decide or not that makes the use easy for you