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5 Gadgets that make Social Distancing and Self-Isolation more Tolerable

5 Gadgets That Make Social Distancing and Self-Isolation More Tolerable

Due to the coronavirus pandemic going in the world presently, lots of countries have declared total lockdown. It means no stepping out for work, visitation, traveling, etc., you have to stay home 24/7. Likewise, many have been social distancing for the past weeks. Besides our household has significantly been in self-isolation, the only trips out since this beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic have been grocery runs.

Trust me; I can imagine what you might be feeling. For instance, having about five people stuck together indoors with about four pets can be challenging. Especially when two of those people are working from home, and the other people are either bored children or teenagers. 

Well, if you find yourself in this category, your days of frustration or boredom are finally over. I’ve discovered some of the gadgets that can be used around the house and office, which prove their value during this isolation period. Let’s quickly examine them –

1. Sony 1000X M3 Noise-Canceling Headphones

With the number of people and animals packed in a house, unwanted noises such as sounds from the TV, dogs barking and wailing children are unavoidable. Hence, getting a noise-canceling headphone is a must if you’re not comfortable with the noises.

Especially when you are trying to work, relax, or take a nap. The Sony 1000X M3 headphones have indeed proven their worth for eliminating any audio distractions around you. Guess what? With these noise-canceling headphones, you don’t need to play music to eliminate noises; they can act solely as your noise silencer.

2. Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Lights

Since most countries are in total lockdown, people tend to pay attention to news and other happenings in the world. Bad news travels like wildfire either on the TV or online, listening to it can sometimes make you feel extremely overwhelmed. But to feel calm, cool, and collected, I strongly recommend Nanoleaf’s Canvas smart lighting panels.

The wall-mounted light squares can be programmed with colors and patterns that have a real calming and soothing effect. A Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Lights user finds it relaxing and soothing to spend his evenings by putting up the Nanoleaf’s “Pumpkin Spice” scene lighting up the wall behind his computer for about an hour or two.

3. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion

Have you ever experienced this? Someone will want to watch a movie on the TV with the sound system at the same time it’s in use by another person. Pretty annoying, right? There are lots of other TVs through the house equipped with Apple TV streamers, but they don’t have the same high-powered audio system.

And it’s by design. Having diverse home theatre systems totally in the competition would be frustrating sometimes, and in this isolation period, it would be more frustrating.

This HUMU augmented audio cushion. The pillow (which is comfortable) makes use of Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to an audio source. It’s fully equipped with integrated speakers that give stereo sound. It also has some vibration technology that can be likened to those used in some theaters that adds a physical rumble to bass below 60Hz.

It doesn’t require any special video coding; it just works. It’s a cool gadget because it has a bonus, which is the pillow doesn’t get very loud when your heads aren’t directly on it. The HUMU augmented audio cushion is battery powered, has about eight hours on a charge, and also uses USB to re-charge.

The major challenge is that it can be hard to find for American shoppers. It’s stocked at European Amazon outlets, but not the U.S. store.

4. +Record Player

Listening to a record can also make you feel relaxed when you’re stressed. The warm sensation of the vinyl fused with the rites of cueing up the record, cleaning it before playing, and enjoying the artwork on the cover is majorly a throwback to a more straightforward period. 

The +Record Player is a compact all-in-one system that has high-quality Pro-Ject turntable and appealing audio capabilities, with a stylish cabinet. It can easily fit on your dining room hutch, so you and your family can sit back and enjoy listening to a record to relax and calm your nerves.

5. Aura Digital Photo Frame

There are lots of digital photo frames that have been produced over the years, but this Aura digital photo frame is a bomb. It has smart software, and the company provides multiple frame styles, but what made it unique is its high-quality display. It’s a 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 panel at 264 PPI, making photos pop as if they were being viewed on an iPad.

Even though almost every planned trip you have for this year might have been canceled or on hold, and restricted from visiting family and friends, you can reminisce good old memories. With the Aura digital photo frame cycling through our favorite photos, it’s a good reminder of happier days and memories. 

People will do anything to get any of these gadgets to eliminate boredom or frustration they are facing during this isolation period. Don’t wait until they are sold out, get yours now!!

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