The digital vs paper argument about ebook may continue for some time. But there is doubt that Amazon kindle is the best ebook reader sound the entire world. And if you have a kindle ebook, then for more and latest information attach yourself with these App’s and sites.

amazon kindle sites apps 670x335 5 Amazing App and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs
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It may be doesn’t matter that which kindle is for you, as long as you have one of it you’ll get updated regarding news all around the world which will help you in your daily life.

1. Zen-reads (Web, Kindle): Kindle-Friendly Daily News

The kindle is better for you to use from your mobile, tablet or laptop. If have a habit of daily news to be there infant of your desktop screen, Then do your self a favour and get to the kindle. Zen-reads is here to make sure you don’t miss anything regarding daily news around the entire globe. This site is specially made for the daily news deliver to its users and provide them with a lot of latest news about anything.

2. Reabble (Website): RSS Reader Made for Kindle’s Browser

If you want to be specific and customise about the news, you can access the only made-for-Kindle RSS reader, Reabble.

kindle apps sites reabble 5 Amazing App and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs
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Add the feeds of your favourite sites and news it will give you specific update about that news. What really makes it worth that it is completely in black and white and you can use a full screen mode, which divides areas of the screen for easier tapping on the Kindle. It feels natural and friendly user.

3. (Web, Chrome): Sort Out All Your Highlights

One of the best and quick response of kindle is highlights. Its very easy way to mark your interesting and important passages, and you can check it after some time. Its specifically use for your interested areas so you can directly collect your interesting news around the globe.

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4. Send to Kindle (Chrome, Firefox, and More): Send Articles, Blogs, Pocket Saves, and More to Kindle

If you find and article or any news in which you are interested so as you are the internet ebook reader and user. Most of the people bookmark the article or news and then read it later but here in kindle you have to do the same but in different way which is very easy and short. All you need to do is instead of bookmarking an article or web page, just send it to Kindle instead.

Kindle apps sites Zenreads 5 Amazing App and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs
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5. /r/KindleFreebies (Websites): Free Kindle eBooks

Talking about Reddit, like for the most of things someone should have to keep an eye out for it. Here is a good news for the community who are finding free ebooks for them. The /r/KindleFreebies subreddit is dedicated exclusively to that individual community for their ease.