4 Tips to Create Professional-Looking Slideshow Videos

Create Professional Looking Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos can be an excellent and versatile type of content. Because of the fact that they are audiovisual in nature, a good slideshow video can really attract the attention of viewers and engage them. Although relatively easy to produce, creating slideshow videos that look professional can be challenging. That is why it can help to use the following tips:

Keep the slides simple

Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ louder than slides that are crowded with text, or even numerous visual elements. If you want your slideshow video to look professional, each slide should be simple – preferably with a single visual element, and a line or two of text for context if necessary.

Try to make the slides look clean, and add a few additional slides if necessary. The duration of the video will be based on the voiceover anyway – so it doesn’t matter if you show a couple of slides in place of one.

Just make sure that the content of each slide can be absorbed fully by viewers in the duration that it is displayed.

Be consistent

Consistency is key if you want your slideshow to project a more professional image. While you don’t need to use a standardized template for every slide, there should be some elements that are consistent.

For example the text in your slides should be the same font, size, and colors – unless there is a specific reason for them to be different. Similarly you can use the same borders, visual themes, or other brand design elements.

Avoid overusing transitions or visual effects

Animated transitions and visual effects can be useful, but only in very specific cases. If overused they will look tacky, and could actually distract viewers from the content of the slideshow video.

The best way to use animated transitions is as a way to gradually introduce elements into a slide. Even that should only be done if there is a reason for it, such as a shock conclusion in the final element that you want to keep hidden and build towards. That same approach applies to other visual effects, and before you use any you should ask yourself: Does this add to the message of the slideshow or its delivery?

Make sure the quality of visual elements is good

The quality of the visual elements that you use in your slideshow video will directly affect the quality of the video itself. If you’re using low resolution photos or images that don’t look clear – it will make your slideshow look unprofessional.

No matter what you should never ‘stretch’ an image just so that it fits into the available space, as that will definitely affect its quality and could distort it.

On the whole it is best to create the visual elements that you want to use in your slideshow from scratch – either by capturing photos yourself, or creating the graphic designs that you need. If that isn’t an option, buying professional stock photography that fits the bill should provide the quality that you need.

As you can imagine the software that you use to create your slideshow will play an important role – so be sure to choose one that offers you the control and customization that you need.

For example you could try Movavi Slideshow Maker (https://www.movavi.com/photo-to-dvd-slideshow/) if you are looking for one. All said and done creating slideshow videos that look professional doesn’t have to be difficult. Now that you know where you should focus your efforts, you should give it a try and apply the tips to see for yourself the difference that they can make.