Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s entry into the gaming market. As Microsoft’s first Xbox, didn’t get as much praise as the Xbox 360 did. Though the platform didn’t have a lot of exclusive games. But if you have one lying around. There are four games that we would recommend you to play.

Mass Effect Series:

Mass Effect is one of the best RPG series that one can play. And we recommend playing it. If you are into Sci-Fi and the idea of a futuristic world, where everyone is living in space, on huge ships. Then this game is for you. What’s unique about this game is its set of characters that have an interesting story line. Players also get to decide what they want to say. Where they have to choose from a list of sentences. Mass Effect 4 is going to be launched this year. So better play it on your Xbox 360 while you can.

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Bioshock Series:

How about all of your imaginations put into one package. Well that is what Bioshock offers. An underwater world named Rapture, raped around in the 80z cover. The game offers a lot to its players, from a good story line to amazing art. Where it’s a real joy to just look at what the game looks like.

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Red Dead Redemption:

Red Dead Redemption is my all-time favorite exclusive set in the Westworld. Yes, you can only play this masterpiece on your Xbox 360. The game has this main character called John Marston. Though the whole story surrounds around him saving his family from the government. Who have taken them hostage. Red Dead Redemption game provides hours of gameplay aside from the main story line with their side missions.

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red dead redemption 410021 300x187 4 Xbox 360 Games that is a must play for everyone

Left 4 Dead Series:

Want to experience on hand what zombie apocalypse would feel like? If yes, then Left 4 Dead is a game for you. What’s good about it is its CO-OP gameplay. Where you and your friends can team up on some poor zombies. The game is also challenging, where it decides what kind of zombies to send after you. Depending on your gameplay and skills

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We hope you enjoy these four games.