Sandbox games present some new games for the Android. Sandbox games are one of the best game which people play for the fun. And this time sandbox is giving a chance to explore the world playing different kind of games. Choose your interested game space and play it and also you can select the story of your interest. Most of the people prefer it because of the freedom they find in the game. Here is a names and brief information about that specific sandbox games given below:

Block Story

First let me tell you that there is no price to purchase it you can download it through app for free. Block Story is a game in which you make your own things and your own way to play it. its like an open world and which you can build it your way, like fly on dragons, fight monsters, and complete quests in order to save the world. You can also level up your character for some features and advancement by using RPG.


[Price: $4.99]
Crash-land is one of the sandbox game for the android smartphones. In this game your are the intergalactic trucker who stand on the planet. Your job is to defeat bad guys, by using craft item and then you have to make home away from home you left because of the enemies means that bad guys. You can also safe the world by achieving all your packages you lost. you have to purchase that game but don’t get upset this game is a very huge game to play.

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Gangster Vagas

Gangster Vagas is 3rd sandbox game and special thing about is that you can download it through app for free. Gangster Vegas is Gameloft’s attempt at a Grand Theft Auto game. The game you’ll play is excited like the city location in the game is Las Vegas. Then you have to explore every individual city at your own power. . The important part in this game is that, you have to take over the city.


Godus is an open-world created type of game where you act as a god and fix the world according to you make a better society and social system. You can destroy thing and can make things. You create your own world and design it according to you. This game can be download from the app store for free.