2016 will be over in almost 4 days, in the end of the year, there are some of the distressing news from the end of processing are coming. While the year appeared to end on a high note but now reports for both Samsung and TSMC have started to surface, on the pair account for all the flagship processors for next year. Any problems may resolve soon as we are hopping for better. Now a day, some of the detail for Huawei’s Kirin 970 have surfaced. Talking about the specifications we have seen many of the various surface details about the surface for 2017`s processors.

Kirin 970 of Huawei`s May Feature Clock Speed of 3GHz with Eight Cores

DSC00029 With 3GHz Top Frequency and Eight Cores, Supply Chain Pegs Huawei Kirin 970, A new Threat to the MarketVia: www.engadget.com

Courtesy of the 10nm, processors might undergo major of the jumps in the power and performance efficiency. Both of the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8890 will have the frequency surface detail across 3GHz, while you would expect the performance from both the leading processors in the market, now we have got a third contender today. In our detailed benchmark breakdown as it is highlighted that Qualcomm isn’t what it’s said to be. The tech-giant of US Kryo cores haven`t delivered to a level of what was expected.

mediatek iot With 3GHz Top Frequency and Eight Cores, Supply Chain Pegs Huawei Kirin 970, A new Threat to the MarketVia: www.techtradeasia.info

Afterwards, the Krin 960 which have performed better than you have expected. MediaTek is now looking for the extend to lead 2017 as well. According to the specified rumor. Supply chain of the company, the sources assert that the processor will feature an aggregate of eight centers. These will be partitioned in subsets of four each, included ARM’s Cortex A53 and the Cortex A73. These will be timed at 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz separately. It will likely to highlight Cat. 12 baseband and will be made on the 10nm process. To be reasonable, this data doesn’t add anything new to what we definitely think about the processor. Still, it’s great to see prior gossipy tidbits being substantiated now a day.

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Less than a week will be left until the year 2016 will end, next year is already starting and we have got the Galaxy 8 Samsung, iPhone 8 and a set of new processors with more upgrades on the stage. Let`s hope that the manufacturers have managed to smooth out the kinks prior to the launch of it.