Shooting 360-degree videos and sharing that videos to the Facebook like Live streaming is very cool these days. But m sure there is not a easy trick to record the aforesaid video since the tools and equipment available right now is so called not available .what if there will be simple case for your iPhone for the 360 degree camera which has a built-in camera and all? Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? any whys, yes, it does. But, in concept only.

image 2 360 Degree Facebook Camera Case for iPhone For The First Time
Image source: Camera case for iPhone

The Facebook 360° Camera Case Makes Recording Video

If you want to use 360 degree camera recording then you have to use a specific hardware for it. though camera is getting very cheaper but the main problem is that now you have to worry about the hardware gadget you can take it anywhere. But now the 360 degree Facebook case is solving that problem with the help of mixing a straight camera into a tiny form factor. The scene is very simple you just need to put your iPhone into the case and then you are ready to use it. It has many features you can also make a 360 degree camera and also brighten up dark places for videos.

For your information check out the video below so that you can know what we are talking about. 


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