Back in the month of October, Tesla reached the milestone of 3 Billion and now the global fleet of company has managed to add the 500 million in less than 3 months, bringing it to 3.5 billion. Its fleet mileage track has been kept with a counter on the Electric Road Trip. First billion of Tesla was reached in June 2015 about 3 years after the Model S was on the road for the first time, on the contrary the second billion miles were reached earlier this year in the month of April 2016, less than a year after the first billion was reached.
As mentioned in the previous statement, the company reached the 3 billion in October 2016 last billion after the 6 months now by that the company has reached the 3.5 billion in the Christmas day, 3 billion mark as the progression in less than 3 months is accelerated to grow on the fleet that fleet will soon reach 200,000 vehicles. Tesla CTO JB Straubel previously highlighted the fact that how the company is adding the electric mile`s by integrating it with the roadster fleet with the Model S/X fleet.

tesla jb straubel presentation oct 2016 11 2 3.5 Billion Electric Miles Has Been Reached by Tesla Global Fleet In Less Than 3 millions 500 Millions Have Been Added.tesla jb straubel presentation oct 2016 16 1 3.5 Billion Electric Miles Has Been Reached by Tesla Global Fleet In Less Than 3 millions 500 Millions Have Been Added.
It is expected to have a similar situation happening with the Model S, which may eclipse the Model S/X fleet

Where it took 3 years for Tesla to bring the Model S generation rate to 50,000 every year, the organization is intending to bring the Model 3 production rate to ~400,000 inside a year after the begin of creation. Obviously, Tesla should execute on that, yet in the event that effective, we will see a third chart added to the 2 slides above demonstrating a comparative correlation with the Model 3 mileage against the Model S. Tesla is adding the electric miles also with the autopilot data whether the system is active or not. In the month of November Tesla may had accumulated over 1.3 billion miles for the data of the autopilot.
It is primarily safe to assume that the number is now over to 1.5 billion and more data will be added to the company as per mile with its new fleet of vehicle.

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