Mind Grown Software offers a video and screenshots for Convicted Galaxy is ready a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is set to begin on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. The campaign aim will be $10,225 and an early user exclusive pledge of $9 will grant access to the game upon kick start.
Theme of the game After an emergency rescue  of a deep space prison ship, the player is stranded in an unknown galaxy full of escaped prisoners who grow stronger with every passing moment. With the primary goal to escape the galaxy, the player must build space stations, upgrade their ship, and dogfight prisoner’s ships on their way.

760069811 preview screenshot2 A 2.5D based Convicted Galaxy is ready for crowdfinding on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
Convicted Galaxy


Here are some key features:

Beautiful vast universe and solar systems to explore generated new for every playthrough, Adaptive audio,Constructible and destructible space structures,Permadeath,Navigate and alter asteroid belts to collect resources, find cover from pursuing convicts, or inflict damage,Build and defend space stations to obtain materials and perform ship upgrades,Deploy a variety of satellites for additional station support,Upgrade your spaceship with powerful weaponry and combine special abilities to increase survivability,Rescue pilots from disabled escape pods to unlock new technologies and discover what happened to the correctional ship,One chance at each unique galaxy, so make it count,Fight off hostile factions and destroy their space stations in a race to discover a way out of the Convicted Galaxy.

Galaxy Convicted is intended to release for mac,pc and Linux in May,2017.

Developers of "Escape from Tarkov" is set to give away 25 games code as a celebration.