Love is Beautiful. It makes the world go round. It is the reason for all the positivity in this entire world. When you find your soulmate, it is one of the best experiences and joys of life. The relationship is nothing but majestic. Here are 18 stories from people all around the world that will inspire you to cuddle with your significant other and fall in love all over again.

18. A Girl’s ProposalA gentleman said that he had the most amazing proposal from his girlfriend. She bought him a seed and asked him to plant it in his apartment as he already owned one. Then she said to him that if he wanted a son, he should call her. Needless to say, he agreed.

%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

17. The Married Love
A happy family was sitting on a breakfast table. The lovely wife of the family was eating porridge. She was full so she gave the remaining to her husband. The children noticed and exclaimed; “We didn’t know that was allowed”. And they all laughed together. We all could have such a conversation at breakfast. `

%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

16. The Pranksters
We all know that couple who always pranks one another constantly. A wife told me that she was petrified of cockroaches. Once, her husband pranked her with a lovely box. As she opened it, cockroaches started to jump out in every direction.

But, she didn’t let that go and trimmed his moustache in a manner that looked like brows. Wicked love!%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

15. Small Things Matter
Love is not only celebrated via diamond rings and dinners at expensive restaurants. A daughter once illustrated a story that how her parents were poor but still ensured loving each other to the fullest. Her father presented her mother’s wildflowers every night and always kissed her mother. Despite the fact that they had very little, they owned everything.

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%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

14. The Short Term Long Distance
One Mr. David asked his wife that will she let him go to another city for a month if he earned $10,000 a month. She said to him jokingly that she will further kick him so that he could earn more. He got offended and she laughed her heart out. It was adorable.

%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

13. The Career-Oriented Couple
Mr. and Mrs. Smith work together. Mr. Smith is the boss of Mrs. Smith. The advantages and disadvantages are endless the prime one being (in both cases); one gets nothing in return for sleeping with the boss.

%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

12. The Jealousy Took a Toll
When your husband is the only person who goes on a job, the jealousy often times sparks in the wife, especially, when your husband is a dashing dude. Once Mrs. John’s husband came late from work because he had a celebration. He was drunk so she naturally felt jealous. She tried to kiss him but he punched her, imagining that he was at the party. Needless to say, she never felt jealous again.

11. The Dentist’s Love
Loving a dentist makes a beautiful love story. Once a lady told me that her husband is a dentist and once she got her tooth extracted by him. She came home after the extraction. When the husband came home, she found him wearing a very unique, one of a kind pendant; her tooth.

10. The Evidence in the Notepad
A couple I know always notes down the mean things they say to each other in two separate notepads and gets the other individual’s signature on them(off course after they are done fighting). This keeps both of them accountable and serves as evidence as well. It’s kinda cute. And sensible.

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9. The Prank Stopper
Mr. and Mrs. Addison were childhood sweethearts. The husband was quirky, funny and surely a prankster. Once he say his wife crossing the road and began to speed up his car towards her to scare her. She felt down as she was scared. He since then has never dared to play a prank again as it shook him to death.

8. The Pizza Threat
A friend of mine once told me a strange way he quit smoking. His wife threatened him to eat pizza, every time he smoked cigarette and eventually turn into a baby elephant. The threat was real and he has never smoked since then as he adored his wife figure.

7. The Crafty Wife
A guy friend of mine was going to throw his very expensive t-shirt that somehow has a hole in it. His girlfriend (now wife) fixed it up in 5 minutes. It made him smile as the t-shirt costed a fortune and I know this personally that it was one of the things that stuck with him till this date.

6. Beauty is in the Eyes of Beholder
Alan had white spots all over her body. Now she always didn’t had them as it made her even more self-conscious. She didn’t wore shorts or sleeveless or anything which would reveal her skin. Her boyfriend bought her shorts and tank tops and forced her to wear them out. She had never felt self-conscious ever again.

5. The Bus Incident
Once a saw one of the most romantic love scenes (in real life) while I was in a bus. An elderly couple was in a bus. The lady sat down and her husband was standing beside her. I stood and offered him my seat but he refused and said that he wanted to stand beside her wife. It brought tears to my eyes.

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4. The Unexpected Love
Alan and George were best friends. He never realized he felt something more than friendship towards her until she asked him to change the wallpaper in his house. They did it together and while doing so, he found love.

3. Blocking Works
Every time Mr. and Mrs. Rain quarrel, Mrs. Rain blocks Mr. Rain. She never speaks to her again unless he brings her 12 red long stem roses. A nice way if you need some Flower Loving Care.

2. Toads Need Water
Ria wanted to get her lips done after the ultra-famous Kylie Jenner trend but her husband was against it. He loved her for her. She got some kind of reaction after the plumper and was scared to go home as her face swelled up like a toad. She was extremely scared of her husband’s reaction but he bought her some water as according to him, toads need it.

1. The Plant Lover
Alina loved plants a little too much, a bit too obsessively. Once she went on for an official work trip and came back to see her boyfriend talking to her plants and watering them. She still holds this incident near to her.

These full of love stories have definitely left me wanting to cuddle with my partner.%name 18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women