Uber’s self-driving capability still suffers from deadlocks.

The company’s tough time started when a camera caught a self driving Uber running a red signal in San Francisco. The incident took place shortly after Uber started its tests for self-driving capability on the roads.

Although, Uber claimed that it was human error and not of the program, and subsequently temporarily suspended the employee, a report from The New York Times argues against the statement and claims that the car was at fault.

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The report premises on the evidences being put forward by two of the company’s employees and some of the internal company documents, which state that the mapping programs, guiding the vehicle, could not respond to the traffic light and failed to recognize it. Eventually, it rolled through the red light.

Further, when the company started its pilot project in San Francisco, the Department of Motor Vehicles canceled the registrations of the cars, as the company failed to apply for a permit.

Screenshot 28 Uber self driving car rolled through a red signal   the technology and not the driver is guilty!

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Resultantly, Uber shifted the testing to Arizona and is now providing services in the state.

Reportedly, the ride-sharing company continues being on a roller coaster the last week, after allegations of sexual harassment from a former employee caught public attention, in addition to a lawsuit from Alphabet’s Waymo claiming that the Uber has stolen confidential important technology for its self-driving car program.


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