Every one of the bits of gossip recommend the iPhone 8 will be an altogether different cell phone to the iPhone 7 and what has preceded. We’re now expecting a handset encased in glass, and with that the combination of remote charging. Presently it appears just as, once more, Samsung will be a basic piece of conveying the following iPhone on account of an immense request for OLED panels.

iphone 8 concept video 2 160M Panels Have Been Requested By Apple For iPhone 8
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As indicated by The Korean Herald, a year ago Apple requested 100 million OLED panels from Samsung Display for use in the iPhone 8. In any case, it is currently felt that request has been expanded to 160 million, which is justified regardless of an extra $4.3 billion to Samsung.

Despite the fact that iPhone deals plunged in 2016, regardless they stayed over 200 million a year. In the event that this Samsung request is to be trusted, the Korean organization will be depended upon for the greater part of the panels utilized as a part of the iPhone 8. In the matter of why Apple chose to build the request, it could be down to a supply issue.

Apple likes to source parts from various organizations for its items. That way hazard is brought down on the off chance that one of those providers encounters a supply issue. For this situation, it may be the case that one of the organizations Apple chose to supply OLED boards isn’t suitable and Samsung consented to get a move on. Either that, or Apple looked into its business estimate for the iPhone 8 and chose it expected to make a greater amount of them. With respect to who will deal with whatever remains of Apple’s OLED board orders, LG is thought to be the other fundamental provider.

The Apple is going to release the upcoming iPhone 8 on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone

Samsung utilized OLED panels in a large number of its cell phones and can subsequently be depended upon to create them in huge amounts and to the guidelines Apple requires. This likewise exhibits Samsung’s creation limit, which must adapt to its own particular needs and this monstrous new request from Apple.