Finding an SD card slot on a smartphone is a blessing nowadays. As all the smartphone manufacturers are mostly paying attention on removing this piece of equipment from their smartphones. There are barely any smartphones left that now support a micro SD card slot, though smartphones that do get an extra point for it.

For those who have this option available. Getting the best deal on a micro SD card can be impossible at times. Android smartphones these days are so powerful that they can handle micro SD card with a lot of storage. SD cards comes in all shapes and sizes though it don’t come cheap. This is where SanDisk shines. As the company has the highest capacity micro SD card as of now containing 256GB of space.

You might think SanDisk would charge a high premium for it. But that is not the case here as the company is currently selling it for $135 instead of its usual $199 price. If you are someone who needs a lot of storage and was looking for a sweet deal. Then SanDisk has you covered.

The card its self is a micro SD card but can be used with the provided adapter to be used as a full sized SD card as well. Making it easy for users to transfer and copy data from their phone to their PC. SanDisk 256GB micro SD card has a read and write speed of up to 95MBPS. So if you have a smartphone that supports a micro SD card then don’t miss a deal like this.

It used to be a necessity for smartphones to have a micro SD card slot but companies like Apple and many others have made a business out it. Where consumers are forced to pay a high premium for expanding storage.

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