Apparently what is reported, Microsoft control its daily scheduled Patch updates of the month and patches of the month.

patchtuesdayfebrurarydelay Microsoft delayed its February patches till March 14
Image source: Microsoft News

February 15

On February 15, Microsoft regular patch Tuesday was scheduled the day after. Officially they already reported that patch updates would not arrive until Tuesday March 14.

Microsoft reported very little about the patch updates and didn’t gave any detailed briefing about why Tuesday patches updated next Tuesday of the month, it normally happening from the last few years.

Microsoft Updates

We will try to report as a company already planned March Update Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

Our top main is to deliver new updates and experienced of the customers to maintain and protect their system. This time we are reported a last latest updates that may not impact on the customers and won’t expect that may be resolved in time for our already planned reports.

CxAbMXGWQAAb0 x Microsoft delayed its February patches till March 14
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After looking to all aspects we decided that will delay the updates this month. And we are apologise for the inconvenience arrises by this change to the current existing plan.

It is reported that some of the links asked the company about the delay updates but company yet not respond to it that why did they do this. Many were expecting Microsoft to provide a remedy for the unpatched Windows SMB bug which has public exploit code in the February bunch of updates.

software updates should get better

It is also reported that security patches are breaking the device for what they set out to protect, and trust on those Microsoft company protect devices is wearing thin.

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