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Seagate Is Releasing Massive 16TB Hard Drive Very Soon



The arms competition for the biggest hard drive is continuously going faster and faster: last year saw Seagate reported a 10TB hard drive, and now the company is back with an reported that a large 16TeraBites disk drive is in the way to release in 2018,


While we have seen same and even dramatically bigger SSD’s (Seagate has a 60TB solid state drive), the 16TB hard drive would be the largest magnetic disk drive ever announced yet if it basically makes it to market. Seagate is noting that the 16TB behemoth would still be a regular 3.5-inch disk drive, mean to say you can use it in a regular desktop computer. And it’s still a bit early to have any idea of price its still not decided and not even reported from company, the 10TB model from last year exceed from $534.99, so expect something at least in that range of amount.


If you can not wait until 2018 for 16TeraBites of storage device into your computer, don’t worry — there’s always Samsung’s $10,000 15.36TB SSD cards, which will also theoretically fit into a standard home computer.

The past year we have seen Western Digital reported record-breaking news that 14TB hard drive. The 14TB hard disk was the highest-capacity drive developed yet, competing the 12TB hard disk from Western Digital and Seagate.

16TB Drive

So there is a good news for you that you want more space or one big drive. Seagate just reported on an earnings call that their 14TeraBites and 16TeraBites versions of its helium-filled spinning hard disk is planned to launch around the next 18 months.

That means a 16TB hard disk will get ready before the end of year 2018. Guess what’s new? The 16TB disk should give you more space for all those 4K GoPro movies you have been Targeting.

year before Seagate reported a 10TB hard disk and is right away testing a 12TB hard disk which is expected that will come in the market very soon. The price of the 16TB hard disk is yet to be exposed. However, past year’s 10TeraBites model exceed to $534.99 dollar. So, we could expect that the price will be around at least in that same range.


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