According to Spanish Police, at least three people have been taken into the police custody on account of data breach and within no time the speculations are at rife that one among the three arrested; may well be Phineas FisherThe evil genius Fisher is believed to be the hacker (or a hackers team) alleged for countless ‘high-profile’ data breach incidents.

The arrests were made over a data breach, confirmed the Spanish Officials, believed to be linked to a long series of intrusion events taking place at European spy software offices/companies, involving even military’s spyware contractors.

hacker being hacked Data Breach: 3 Held In Spain; Speculations At Rife About 1 Being Phineas Fisher

As per the claims of Spanish National Police Corps and a Mossos d’Esquadra spokesman, among the detainees are two males and one female, taken into custody Tuesday; in Salamnca city and Barcelona, respectively. 

Further, confirmed the regional Catalonia Police spokesman all three were suspected of breaking into Labor Union Mossos’ website in the month of May. ‘They managed to hijack the Twitter feed of the labor union to leak the ‘personal data’ of staff; at least 5,500 of them being senior officers.

It was in 2014 when hacker Phineas Fisher won quite a notoriety for the first time, by publishing data from British Gamma Group and later on in 2015, the same group earned more ‘bad repute’ by claiming it was them behind a breach; at Hacking Team of Italy.

There seem to be reasons behind flying rumors and the speculations being at rife; finally the net has perhaps, ‘closed on’ the notorious ‘Robin Hood’ kind of online figure Phineas Fisher. Since no more details are available at this time, nothing further can be said till the investigation(s) are underway.

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