Users of LG v20 are not happy with its battery time as the phone has only 3200 mAh built-in replaceable battery. Well, this battery is not enough to pass through a day without charging and this does not satisfy the user need. ZeroLemon’s monstrous battery case gave the huge favor for LG users to improve their forearm strength while operating the phone as it is of 10000 mAH which triple the battery of the phone.

nexus2cee 71lB92TGa4L. SL1500  Battery Case With 10,000 mAh For LG V20 For $60
image source: androidpolice.

ZeroLemon is the company which makes high-capacity batteries for smartphones. This week LG V20 launched very high capacity battery case, we are talking about 10,000 mAh extended battery and cost 60 dollars. We can buy it on Amazon

People who weren’t so much impressed from  LG V20 can now buy this smartphone with this extra battery. The only drawback that this case has is its bulky size over 14 ounces which almost triple the size of the phone but we do not mind it much as it gives such an extended battery time. But we can say that design of battery case for v20 is huge in weight but we do not have to suffer any obstacle to using cameras or any ports which usually happen when we use covers and cases for our phones. With time you will knoe that quality of the building material of case and the charging speed of the battery is good enough to rely on it.

ZeroLemon LG V20 battery pack 07 Battery Case With 10,000 mAh For LG V20 For $60
image source: i-cdn.phonearena

The Certain audience is appealed to external battery cases and if these are working properly and are well executed then Problems with batteries like the size and weight can be ignored because we all know it is hard to manage to reduce weight with this huge capacity of battery after all. If you want to buy this ZeroLemon’s monstrous battery case we can have it from Amazon. It comes with free shipping and 180 days warranty and 30 days full refunded guarantee.

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