It was not very far ago when the rumors surfaced all around about Samsung applying for Wi-Fi Certification for some unnamed device. Now we hear that some mystery surrounds yet another device sent to Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) and it is believed that the smartphone bearing SM-G390F; is Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4.

As per new reports, the new Samsung device the WFA just awarded Wi-Fi Certification bears number SM-G390F, a model number listed in the smartphones category; with last date shown Jan. 26, of certification. In addition the device bearing SM-G390F, shows the Wi-Fi certification, runs the latest ‘Google OS’ i.e. ‘Android 7.0 Nougat.’

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 So What Device Samsung Just Got Wi Fi Certification For   A Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Really?

Apparently all the signs suggest that the subject Samsung device is Galaxy Xcover 3’s successor; in other words the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 and though no additional or further details are available but it looks that Galaxy 4 debut is on the horizon.

It was in 2015 when Samsung last launched the Galaxy Xcover 3 and now, after a gap of two years the company seems all set for the launch of new member of their smartphone family; and if the same is a budget-friendly handset, Samsung lovers are going to welcome the news for sure.

Hopefully, the upcoming mystery device would bear ‘improved’ if not ‘much improved’ features, as compared to the Galaxy Xcover 3. Consumers must be hoping for an improved display, better resolution and of course a better processor than quad-core ‘Marvell Armada PXA1908’ one.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 photo.1 So What Device Samsung Just Got Wi Fi Certification For   A Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Really?

Samsung is further believed (or hoped) to bring their loyal users better RAM than the Galaxy Xcover 3 offering 1.5 GB; an increase up to or close to 2 GB of RAM would be ideal. Likewise, 2000 mAh battery coming with the previous smartphone won’t be sufficient therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4  would ideally be powered with an improved battery.

When it comes to smartphone camera, the consumers are always hungry for more, especially when the word is out about a new model therefore, the Xcover 4 is anticipated to sport a ‘Better Camera’ as well.

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