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10 Trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Technological advancements continue to awe fans and users around the world. What used to be previously impossible has become commonplace and available to everyone. This will continue to occur as tech makes life easier and simpler for everyone. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the most exciting tech innovations. Previously, it used to be restricted only to robotics and automated machines. Recently, AIs found freedom on the internet, and with numerous software tools that applied AI features to solving problems. Researchers continue to push the limits of AI and machine learning, developing better versions than the ones that came before. Artificial Intelligence started with programming computers that could perform certain human-like cognitive functions such as learning, recognition, and problem-solving. Every new understanding of human psychology coupled with innovative tools has helped developed smarter AIs with extra features.

In 2019, AIs completely transformed numerous business and social platforms. This tool has made humans more effective and efficient at their tasks and projects. Marketing, sales, and manufacturing businesses are all enjoying boosts to their productivity and profitability. Customers are raising their expectations for customer service and satisfaction. All the while, AI continues to reestablish competitive lines and create new opportunities.

Changes that Artifical Intelligence brought have already altered the present but what trends can we expect for the future?

1. Merging of AI, Blockchain, and IoT

Although not as popular as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and IoT technology have been making the rounds among tech enthusiasts and experts for quite some time now. While it seems AI has found numerous integrations in software platforms it seems to be stuck in hardware integrations. IoT is basically, a local network of appliances that share and receive data among each other. IoT integration is hindered by security and authentication issues. Blockchain is most popular for its use in internet financial transactions and as a public ledger. Combining all three innovations will solve numerous problems creating terrific trinity. Blockchain for security and authentication, an IoT system to connect devices, and an AI to oversee them all.

Artificial intelligence
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2. AI in Media and Entertainment

We also expect that by 2020, AI would completely penetrate the media sector. AIs are already being designed to automate scriptwriting, video editing, and production. We would also expect a heavy presence in graphics, animations, and CGI. With AI taking over all the hard work, we can expect movie production to take less time than usual and provide more profit. Empathic chatbots are also expected to take the scene, holding human-like conversations with emotional recognition and filling up social platforms.

Artificial Intelligence in Media and Entertainment
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3. AI in Cybersecurity

As knowledge of the internet and IT procedures become commonplace, the occurrence and tricks in cybercrime also increase with it. Online merchants and other institutions continue to look for ways to make their online platforms safer. We believe that AI would occupy a very crucial place in cybersecurity. By analyzing large amounts of data, coupled with machine learning, AI systems may be used to rate firewalls, detect criminal activity, and stop attacks. Furthermore, AIs could be used to crest ultra-complex security protocols that may very well be foolproof.

AI in Cybersecurity
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4. AI Industries

Already the number of AI startups is on the rise. AIs in business are generally changing the way things are done. We believe that AI integration in the business world will continue to increase, especially in the financial and manufacturing sectors. In 2020, we will see more requirements for AI literacy among employers of labour.

Artificial Intelligence Industries
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5. AI and Customer Care

AI is currently redefining marketing and advertisements. The provision of real-time data, insightful analytics, and customer relationship management are reassigning the limits of consumer satisfaction. In 2020, AI would also find more integration in customer service and customer care. Empathic AI systems would be able to hold conversations using speech and emotional recognition, AIs would provide 24/7 access to information and customer support. AIs would be used to design personalized experiences for customers based on mined and precious data. This would mean fewer labour costs, more growth of customer base, increased profitability.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Care
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6. Automated Labour

Already predicted by experts and AI stakeholders, AI robots would be designed to replace human labor. Certain jobs would become extinct as robots take over increasing output, uptime, product quality, and profitability. While there are fears that AI wi cause large-scale unemployment, it should be noted that it will also create numerous job opportunities. Also, the success and level of integration are dependent on the nature of the Job, existing infrastructure, and cost of such AI implementation.

Artificial Intelligence Robots
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7. Rise of AI Assistant

This one has got all the science fiction fans in high hopes. Already we have seen several implementations of AI assistants in Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri. By 2020, we expect an addition to the features provided by AI assistants and increased availability on numerous devices. Combining AI with IoT will mean that AI assistants will have access to other appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, and cars.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

8. Biometric Systems

Already popular on mobile devices, biometrics include fingerprint, facial, and retinal recognition will become popular on various security systems. Biometric forms of authentication would become more popular and commonplace. With these features in security, financial transactions and user authentication would become faster, easier, and more secure.

Biometric Systems
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9. Changes to Privacy Policies

Very few people are aware of how their information online is being used. One major feature of AI is data mining. AI mining bots are programmed to scour the internet, especially social media platforms aggregating data on users than can be used for targeted marketing campaigns. 2020 will see greater awareness of the dangers posed by an Artificial Intelligence spy and information gatherer and simple measures to protect privacy.

AI trends in 2020
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10. Revaluation of Research

Researchers agree that human error is an unavoidable thing. The whole research procedure is designed to reduce any form of bias on the side of the researcher. Recent centers gave begun to apply AI to analyze past and present research for details and connections that might have been missed. We expect this practice to catch on in the year 2020.

Trends of AI
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All these predictions are thought-provoking. Whether they play out as listed or not is not the most important thing. The question you should ask yourself is: are you ready for the future? How would you take advantage of the tools provided by AI to facilitate your business and personal life?


The world of technology is debating the value of artificial intelligence and the roles of AI in shaping and molding our future. But the truth is that AI is already making waves in this era and also having a massive impact on us. Here are various ways in which artificial intelligence is being used in our day-to-day activities –

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