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10 Best Wi-Fi Routers Under 2000

The 10 best wifi routers under rs.2000

A good internet connection has become the need of every household. From working from home to attending school and streaming Netflix, everything requires a good internet connection. The post-COVID times has increased the utility of wi-fi routers at homes. We can no longer rely on mobile data for attending our offices and our kids attending school. Wi-fi routers have made lives simpler, they give smooth internet connection. We have listed 10 best wi-fi routers under 2000 that are suitable for installing at homes.  

Mercusys AC1200 Gigabit Router

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Mercusys Gigabit Wi-Fi router is known for supporting full home entertainment with its extensive wifi speed of upto 1200 Mbps. This wi-fi router is the best wi-fi router under 2000 for someone who wants a smooth network connection for full home entertainment. The core manufacturer of Mercusys is TP-link so the built quality is good. The Mercusys router is capable of covering approximately 500 m with its four external 5dBi antennas. It is the replacement of the usual 2dBi antennas. It has a dual-band frequency, that is, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4Ghz frequency works best as a wifi extender whereas 5Ghz works as a high signal booster. So the total wi-fi speed is upto 1200 Mbps which is sufficiently enough for you to watch 4k videos, engage in conferencing and downloading. The wi-fi router contains one WAN port and three LAN ports. Therefore, it allows you to connect up to three devices directly as a wired cable connection with your laptops or PC. 

TP-Link AC1200 Archer C50 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

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This wi-fi router manufactured by TP-Link is the best wi-fi router under 2000 for streaming bufferless HD video and video conferencing. TP-link AC1200 Archer C50 wireless dual-band router delivers wi-fi speed up to 1200Mbps with the help of its 4 antennas. The dual frequency supported by the wi-fi router consists of 2.5GHz and 5GHz. The wi-fi range can easily cover an area upto 3000 sq. ft. The router supports 802.11 ac next-generation IEEE standards which works best for heavy online gaming and HD video streaming. It supports one WAN port, one USB port and 4 LAN ports. You can easily watch FHD videos, play games online and conduct smooth video conferencing. 

D-Link AC750 DIR-816 Dual Band Router

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D-Link is the best wi-fi router under 2000 for video streaming and casual browsing. The wi-fi router is powered by the advanced wireless AC technology. It supports dual frequency, 2.5Ghz as well as 5Ghz which can easily cover your house. The 3 antennas boost the wi-fi signal strength and deliver 750Mbps speed. There are 4 LAN ports and one WAN port, which can be used to create a wi-fi hub network. You can buy this wi-fi router if you have a pre-installed modem and need a router for higher performance for BSNL connection.

Tenda FH303 Wi-Fi Router

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Tenda FH303 wi-fi router is the best wifi-router under 2000 because it comes with RJ11 cable that can be used for telephone connection. However, it can not be used for fiber lines. The wi-fi router has a single band frequency of 2.4 GHz. This is capable of delivering connection speeds of up to 300 Mbps. This speed is sufficient for using the internet for the usual browsing, making it good for home or small office setup. The range covers an area of approximately 150 sq.ft. You can connect three devices using its 3 LAN ports. It has one WAN port used to put the main broadband cable. Talking of the antennas, the wi-fi router supports three 5dBi antennas. It also has a WPS to secure your connection. So, in case you already have a BSNL connection installed at home, Tenda is the best wi-fi router for you under 2000.

Mi Smart Router 4C

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The Mi Smart Router 4C is a smart wi-fi router under 2000. Features that make it a smart wi-fi router is that you can control the router from a distance via the Mi wi-fi app. Moreover, you can get parental controls to keep a check on the activities of your friends. It is known to deliver a speed of 300 Mbps via its 2.4GHz band frequency. It consists of four antennas which can cover an area upto 400 Sq Ft and provides a good coverage. The wi-fi router is ideal for video streaming and web browsing. 

Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router

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Netgear wi-fi router weighs 99.8 g and is one of the best wi-fi routers under 2000. So, if you want to stream videos online without buffering and have a smooth video conferencing, Netgear offers you reliable as well as fast speed. It delivers 3000 Mbps speed which can be used to run videos online without buffering and downloading. The wi-fi router comes without a modem and is very easy to install. You can connect the router with multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, it has a wi-fi protected setup which gives protection to your network. It also comes with a warranty of 2 years and is known to give superb customer care service. 

Linkys E1200 Fast Wireless Speed Wi-Fi Router

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Linkys is one of the fastest wireless speed wi-fi routers under 2000. Some of the perks of buying Linksys is that it gives the best coverage, comes with the advanced security, has an easy installation process, and is easily manageable. It delivers a reliable connection and can be connected to any device like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. The advanced wireless security safeguards your network with wireless WPA/WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall. You can also create a guest network with a unique password for convenient and secure guest access. It consists of 4 ethernet ports. Linkys provides installation services to its users. 

DIGISOL DG-BG4300NU Up To 300 Mbps Wireless Router

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If you are looking for a wi-fi router for a smaller area, then Digisol is the best wi-fi router to buy under 2000. It delivers 300Mbps internet speed and has a support system for backup. The 2.0 USB port can be used to connect it to other devices. It has two antennas and is equipped with a blocking feature for unauthorized URLs. This wi-fi router is suitable for both home and office. The router can be connected to other devices using a wireless network or USP. Moreover, it is protected from hacking and guest users making it the best wi-fi router under 2000. Also, it is equipped with an ADSL router system for a regular internet connection without any disruption. 

Pratham PIX Link 300Mbps Wireless Router

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It is a very light weight wi-fi router. It is equipped with four auto-negotiations, so it does not connect with unauthorized URLs. It has an in-built server known as DHCP. It is good for both office and home and gives a speed of 300Mbps. The installation process is hassle free and its secure access gives protection from the guest network. It consists of two antennas and gives a strong coverage to your entire house. It is undoubtedly one of the best wi-fi routers for 2000. 

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