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10 Best Earphones Under 500

Best earphones under 500

Getting hands on a stylish looking earphone with a good sound quality that is not too expensive is a task too difficult to execute. We often think that buying a budget friendly earphone means compromising on some crucial features like durability, audio quality or design. 

But this is no longer the case. There are some brands that have designed the best earphones under 500 keeping in mind all the factors responsible for making a buying decision, budget being the most important. 

We have filtered the best earphones under 500 that are sporty, classy, durable and very budget friendly. Dive in the blog to pick the best earphone under 500. 

Realme Buds 2

Image Source: Realme

Realme Buds 2 were recently launched and they are undoubtedly the most good looking earphones under 500. Realme has improved the sound quality and has presented these earphones with a better design than its predecessors. These are just the perfect earphones for bass lovers. Moreover, the sporty look makes them a perfect option for all the gamers and gym freaks out there. The earphones have 1.2m TPU braided wire which is not only durable but also tangle free. The Realme Buds 2 are available in two color options: balck and orange. 

Price: 499

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100

Image Source: YouTube

The Infinity Zip 100 has profound balanced audio quality rather than the bass feature. So, it is suitable for acoustic music. The earphones look very attractive as well as sporty. They are available in a dual color combination with colors being blue,black and red. The 1.2m long wire is tangle free and very durable. The build is pretty normal. The balanced audio quality of the Infinity Zip 100 is what makes it take a place on the list of best earphones under 500.

Price: 469

Boult Audio Bassbuds

Image Source: Boult

Boult Audio Bassbuds is a gorgeous earphone. Its premium finish and sleek design makes it the best looking earphone under 500. The earphone is sweat proof, water resistant and very very comfortable to wear. The earphone comes in raven black, sapphire blue, tranquil gray, and crimson red. Talking about the audio quality, the earphones give a punchy deep bass which makes acoustic music even more pleasing to hear. The audio is loud and clear. 

Price: 349

boAt BassHeads 182

Image Source: Amazon

This is the best earphone under 500 for bass lovers. The design of the earphones is very premium and classy. The design is just perfect with a metallic driver housing and coated braided wire giving the earphone a stunning look and increasing its durability. The best thing about these earphones is that the volume is high and clear. It is available in three color options: black, blue and red. 

Price: 499

Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio

Image Source: Gizmochina

These earphones are the upgraded version of Mi Basic 2018. The uniqueness about all Redmi earphones is that they have a metal body, Anti-ear wax earplugs, lightweight design, and hi-resolution audio. The earphones have been designed in a way that they don’t hurt the user. The design gives a premium look because of the metallic coating. The earphones are very comfortable and lightweight. The audio is very clear since the brand has kept the bass very low. If you are a bass lover then don’t go for these earphones but if you are someone who focus on the vocals then these are a must buy earphones under 500. 

Price: 349

boAt Bassheads 103

Image Source: Amazon

This is another bass focused phone presented by boAt. If you are dicy about the Bassheads 182, then boAt Bassheads 103 is another good option for an earphone under 500. The earphones give a very stylish appeal. They are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. Moreover, the close ear ,odule covers the entire ear canal and provides maximum passive noise isolation. These are available in black, blue and red color.

Price: 399

Motorola Pace 130

Image Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a very simple looking earphone under 500, then Motorola Pace 130 is for you. Their simple design, light weight makes them an amazing earphone under 500. The earphones are equipped with high-grade anti-slip rubber ear tips that benefit the users in three ways. It gives them  a secure fit making the earphones suitable for a run or a jog. It makes them comfortable to wear. And it offers passive noise isolation. The sound quality is very balanced. So if you are looking for a decent looking earphone under 500 suitable for watching movies, etc., the Motorola Pace 130 is worth buying for under 500. 

Price: 399


Image Source: Amazon

The brand is loved by all. Its amazing earphones and speakers separates it from its competitors in all aspects. JBL has been really popular among the audiophiles for its great quality earphones and speakers. The natural tuning and balanced audio makes all the difference. The earphones are very simple looking and decent, comfortable and have a loud and clear sound quality. The only drawback is that the wire is thin and gets entangled. It is available in black, blue and red colors.

Price: 499

Philips SHQ1200/10 ActionFit

Image Source: Amazon

This earphone is the most uniquely designed earphones in this list of earphones under 500. The earphones look like a suction cup. This helps it to easily adjust in your ear canal. Such a design does not hurt the ear even if worn for long. The earbuds are rubber coated and are sweat free. The non-slip soft silicone caps seals the earbuds to your ears giving a better sound and even better fit. The earphones are available in two colors, orange and gray.

Price: 499

PTron Pride

Image Source: PTron

This earphone looks very different and stylish. It is available in just one color that is black. It has a good sound quality. The wire is 1.2m long and is tangle-free. Some of the brilliant features that PTron Pride offers are noise reduction, noise cancellation and echo reduction. The button on the wire helps you to answer or end the call. Above all, PTron Pride is a good earphone under 500. 

Price: 249


These were the 10 best earphones under 500. I hope the list was insightful and helped you make your decision. (Please note that the prices might fluctuate, but they will definitely not cost you more than 500).

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