Is this a fair decision to forgive Edwaed Snowden on official document leak while is also know as whistle blower.

Edward Snowden a former employee of US National Security Agency has been alleged in categorical information about US government and British.After his act of leaked information he has been consider whistle blower by the government, he has taken asylum in Russia.He pledged Obama to pardon him from his act ,he has also given moral grounds for his act ,the right to information of the general public.

There have around 1 million signatures in fever of release of Edward Snowden to White House by different international human right organizations.While the issue has been given a political shape And Trump has also given his opinion to execute Snowden as he is whistle blower ,traitor and not patriotic.

He has warned three years ago that there will a president who will abuse the system.Obama’s tenure will be end in January 2017 and he requested former president to pardon him because there are oblique chances in future.

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Snowden said in an interview to Guardian  “Yes, the lawn in the books say one thing, the vital reason behind why the option to pardon endure—for the exceptions, for the things that may seem unlawful in letters on a page but when we look at them morally, ethically, when we look at the results,the right to information is vital right for general public that is living in a country.”

The forgiveness appeal to  President Obama was signed by Anthony D. Romero, Salil Shetty and Kenneth Roth  are the government official of international organization respectively Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union,Secretary General, Amnesty International and , Executive Director, Human Rights Watch.

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Snowden is more interested to go back to his home country and he is also confident he has done nothing wrong.Well he also thankful to his supporters, there has been made plenty of tv programs and movie to enhance his impact on general public.